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The Howard Hill Classic, traditional archery event, was named after Alabama’s native son Howard Hill.  One of the world’s most famous Traditional Archers in the mid 20th Century.  Made famous for his archery shots in movie classics such as, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” and “They Died With Their Boots On”, both starring Errol Flynn.  Mr. Hill also made several Movie Short Films. One such film was “Tembo”, about a rogue elephant. In Africa.


After Craig Ekin, owner of the Howard Hill Archery Co., generously gave me permission to use the name “Howard Hill” for this event, the Howard Hill Classic debut in 2005. and has been held at Tannehill Historical State Park in McCalla, AL, every year since then.


Over the past sixteen years, thousands have attended the Howard Hill Cassic.  From coast to coast, all throughout  the country, including Alaska and Hawaii.  There also have been traditional archers from other country’s as well, Canada, Australia and Germany, to name a few.


Some of the best Vendors in Traditional Archery have attended the Howard Hill Classic from time to time and many make it a yearly event for themselves.  


Vendors such as Howard Hill Archery Co., Bear Archery, Bob Lee Bows, Byron Ferguson, Black Widow Bow Co., Acadian Bows, Big Jim’s Bow Co., Three Rivers Archery Co.  Asbell Wool, Northern Mist and many, many more have sold their  bows and other archery supplies to those attending this event.  Many of these outstanding bowyers and others have donated their products to help raise money. for different  organizations.   To date, over $52,000.00 has been raised through raffles and auctions and given to these organizations.  


Family, friendship and fun has made this event what it is today.  Now is the time to get those friends and family members involved in traditional archery and what better place to start but  to bring them to the Howard Hill Classic.


Terry Harris

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